Are The Grammys Still Relevant?

Reuters, Courier-Journal & The Washington Post all make points. Some tote the demographic is irrelevant (CBS’s older demo), some say they’re too inclusive with too many categories, while others say, all their categories is what sets them apart (outside of being in a small pool of options anyway).

Are the Grammys only as significant as the live performances, thus pushing the actual winners list to afterthought rather than purpose? A list to be viewed the following day like the fashion lists? According to Nielsen, The 2012 Grammy’s managed to garner more viewers than The Academy Awards for the first time in 28 years. With the countless options are all awards shows becoming obsolete or a the best way to weed out the best of the best?

If you’re watching, why? If you’re not, why? If you would be watching but you have to catch The Walking Dead, that is completely understandable.

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