What happens when a pop punk kid that never really stopped passing out flyers, grows up, goes to business school and learns to code.

Dec 23

So I took a Data Science bootcamp and as the only PC in the room, I found myself figuring out some issues on my own. Figured I’d document them in case others run into the same issues.

Aug 21

So, I always hate it when I receive an email from a company to sign up for an event or download a white paper, but when I click to get to the offer, they couldn’t be bothered to pre-populate the form with information about me they clearly already had (Name, Email, etc.). This is a bit challenging without a CRM, but if you have a good mail client, it can be done easily.

Jan 24

Let’s say I have the Formstack Form below and really want to capture the data of “Amount of Expense” and the User ID that is auto assigned to each submission, in Google Analytics. How would you go about that?

Jan 24

With this quick script I can specify the minute, hour, day, month and/or year that I’d like certain elements to show by assigning them a CSS class of remove or show.

Jan 23

With any post I now make, I just make sure my links use protocol-relative URLs instead of declaring the protocol and I no longer receive errors.

Jan 23

What were the chances that the request would go unseen, thus unanswered? So I thought there must be a way to just send someone a direct link to recommend me via email.

Oct 21

Nerdwallet just released a study that says “New Grads Won’t Be Able to Retire Until 75.” Yes, that means you. You will have to wait 50 years before you retire if you were fortunate enough to be born in the early 90s or late 80s. Why is that? Well, mostly student loans and high rent […]

Sep 5

(Originally posted on the Betamore blog) #1 Enable Demographics + Interest Reports Why? Adding one little line to your tracking code will allow for rich data about your site visitor’s age, gender & interests. Once you have that data you can create segments to see how your female visitors behaviors differ from your male visitors […]

Aug 12

I wouldn’t consider myself an open book, per say but the things that tend to be a big deal to others, usually weren’t to me. So then I thought, what are all the questions we’re not asking our friends & co-workers that we really should?

Jun 17

These two design components are flashy but I’m not always certain if they’re necessary (or if anyone actually cares) so I wanted to be able to track the clicks on both the carousel & the accordions.

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