Asking for a Raise Template (MadLibs Style)

About a year after undergrad/getting my first real job, I emailed my bosses and asked for a raise. I asked for a 33% raise and ended up with a 25% raise, so I didn’t do so bad. To put in context, I worked for a small company and took on a lot of key roles so I had some leverage in my request. Here’s a template for what I did if you’d like to give it a try:

I’ve been at COMPANY full time for almost 10 months now. Obviously, I love the job very much and enjoy seeing COMPANY grow and expand.

That being said, in the last 10 months, I have been an intricate part of developing and implementing plans for PROJECT, PROJECT, PROJECT, and countless other large and small clients. As these PROJECTS recur, I believe the experience I’ve gained will be essential to the development of these projects.

I feel that I have been able to exceed many of the expectations set forth upon me, while taking substantial burdens off of COLLEAGUE, COLLEAGUE, COLLEAGUE. In addition, in many companies my roles in part as a NAME OF PRIMARY ROLE, NAME OF ADDITIONAL ROLE, NAME OF ADDITIONAL ROLE and NAME OF ADDITIONAL ROLE are often separate jobs. Obviously, I understand the nature of our company and know it is necessary for people to fulfill many roles in order to be effective.

As I initially came on in an entry-level capacity (though having X years of experience in the INDUSTRY), a position did not initially exist for precedence. Due to no precedence and overt job description, it was difficult for me to properly assess a suitable and fair compensation for myself. As my job roles have come into fruition, I have taken into account similar jobs within the INDUSTRY.

With these things in mind, I think my compensation should reflect my work ethic, numerous roles, experience, and my current enrollment in an EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM. I am requesting a pay increase to $XX,XXX. While I know this is substantially more than my current salary of $XX,XXX, $XXK is the average salary for those with similar jobs in the METROPOLITAN AREA as well as significantly less than similar jobs at COMPETITIVE COMPANIES (obviously I’m taking into account their much larger client-base).

As I plan to remain in this position for some time, and there is no current means for a “promotion,” I feel an increase in my salary would suffice as a way to note my job roles that now involve dealing with JOB ROLE, JOB ROLE, JOB ROLE. I am also taking into account this pay raise would make my salary stagnant for some time.

If we’re not in position to allow for a pay raise, or if you feel my work is not up to this level of compensation, I am more than willing to hear alternative options, or recommendations for improvement. I would like for you to consider this proposal and speak with me about it whenever you have some time this week or next.

Comment to let me know how it goes or if you have any questions!

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