Predicted Age of 1st Marriage Using CDC Data

I created an equation based on the CDC’s 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth Public Use Data to predict the likely age of a person’s first marriage.

You can type directly into the 2nd column and the age automatically updates. If you’re unable to, you can view the full Excel here. I don’t think it will work on mobile devices. The pre-filled numbers are the data averages.

I created an equation based on the CDC’s 2006-2010 National Survey of Family Growth Public Use Data to predict the likely age of a person’s first marriage.

(View the full Excel here)

(View the full Excel here)

Quick Notes:

  • Data is spotty for LGBT adults currently.
  • This equation doesn’t apply to those in serious relationships.
  • I couldn’t find corresponding US state to age of first marriage details though city vs non-city is taken into account. Here is the chart that tells you the median per state.
  • This is made under the assumption you’ll ever get married. Only 86% of females & 78% of males are married by age 40 (so there’s a slight chance, it’ll take longer or never happen.)
  • Income plays a big role, unfortunately corresponding data doesn’t exist but education & full time work is a viable substitute.

Comparisons In Gender:

Most of the questions are the same but three, which was surprising. What I found is that for every trigger that predicts a later age of marriage, women are impacted more than men. For example, every 7 premarital partners a women has equates to marrying on average 1 year later,  as opposed to a man in which it is 28 partners. Men do still marry, on average, later than women by about 2 years.

Confidentiality & Feedback:

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