Hey Spotify!

I’m Christine Osazuwa. You may have seen a LinkedIn ad I ran when I previously applied to the Premium team. Unfortunately, I didn’t get that position (but I did get an 11% engagement rate!). Anyway, I’m eager to apply as a Premium Strategy Analyst! A friend was nice enough to give me an internal referral for this position so I was unable to provide a cover letter, so just in case here it is…

Who Are You?

I’ve recently moved from Baltimore, MD, USA to Stockholm with the hopes of joining the band (don’t worry, I already have my work visa & a great apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad). I would be a great asset to the Premium team due to my experience in music, marketing & analytics. For the past 7 years, tools such as Google Analytics, email marketing & Salesforce CRM has given me the ability to create models & predict the likelihood of someone to do anything from buying a concert ticket, purchasing a t-shirt or applying for a program. From there, I’m able to make data-driven decisions regarding marketing copy, budget, placement & timing.

So What, How Can You Help Spotify?

One example of improving business processes is that during my tenure at MissionTix, an e-commerce concert ticketing company, I oversaw day-to-day operations and had access to all company data including sales, call volume & site traffic. I was instrumental in developing a customer retention/loyalty program for our heavy users. I used a cluster analysis in R to identify a persona group that would be most fitting for the program based on their purchase history, demographics, web traffic, etc. We worked with vendors to create exclusive RFID wearables that contained their concert tickets. From there, I oversaw an email marketing campaign to give them beta access to the program and encouraged additional sales & exclusive access to event pre-sales & coupon codes. The roll out of these wearables were invite only with multiple landing page variations based on the user’s event/genre preference to which ordering a free RFID wearable was a conversion. Of the invited, 78% converted. Sales among the original beta testers increased by 15% after 3 months and we also provided them with access codes for friends to sign up which had a 7% conversion rate.

Yeah, That Was Work. What Do You Do For Fun?

My previous cover letter shows the range of my skills and the projects & reports I’ve worked on but I’d like to highlight one here that incorporates an array of skills that make me a good fit for this position. Last year, I created several web applications. One of which was an app called “Would They Play?” which predicted the likelihood of an artist to play The Vans Warped Tour, a large punk/emo festival in the United States. I used Python to code the app and create the regression model using pandas, sklearn & numpy and incorporated APIs from Spotify, Last.fm, MusicBrainz, Gracenote, Discogs.com and I scraped the web using Beautiful Soup for Songkick & Amazon Music to get the data I needed. I used Heruko & Flask to bring the app live, then used HTML, CSS & JavaScript to stylize the page. I did this all after studying Python for only 12 weeks.

Alright, Wrap It Up

My interdisciplinary skill set & education is perfectly suited for projects like these, not only because of my love of data but also because of my love of music & Spotify. I know that like me, Spotify believes that access to music is powerful and a common denominator that can bring people together. I want to be a part of that mission.

So, I hope to hear from you soon because I traveled across the globe to live in Europe & work for my dream company! Still not sure? Check out my last.fm. I swear, I’m pretty cool!

P.S – In case you missed it, I already have my Swedish work visa & a great apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad so I’m ready to start ASAP!