Hello, Spotify!

As you may know, I recently applied as an Analyst for your Stockholm-based Premium Analytics team! Why should you consider me? Well, I’m hoping it’s enough that a big part of the reason why I moved to Sweden is to work for you, but if that’s not sufficient, here’s why I’m a great fit:

I can make business decisions (using data!)

I have experience with R, Python, SQL, Excel, SAS & SPSS

(I can certainly learn Minitab & Hadoop, too!)

I have a whole lot of schooling!

Every degree and program involved a lot of economics & statistics.

I love Music!

I’ve already mentioned my music Python apps, my documentary about the music industry, my valuation & projections for Live Nation, and my project about the streaming music industry.

In addition to all of that:

  • While managing a staff of 12 (and going to college), I created 40 issues of a print music magazine about local, small & mid-sized artists from 2006 – 2010.
  • I worked with an agency contracted by Atlantic Records heading their street marketing promotions. Check out that Marketing Plan. I also made a fictional one for Warner Music Group back when they were still publicly traded.
  • I worked at CBS Radio in Marketing & consulted for Outerloop Management, an artist management firm based out of Maryland.
  • I wrote a piece about Gender Inequality in the Music Industry.
  • I created more than 10 playlists on Spotify for my recent wedding. Here’s one 😉

So, I hope to hear from you soon because I traveled across the globe to live in Europe & work for my dream company! Still not sure? Check out my last.fm. I swear, I’m pretty cool!

P.S – I already have my Swedish work visa & a great apartment in Hammarby Sjöstad so I’m ready to start ASAP.