What happens when a pop punk kid that never really stopped passing out flyers, grows up, goes to business school and learns to code.

May 25

About a year after undergrad/getting my first real job, I emailed my bosses and asked for a raise. I asked for a 33% raise and ended up with a 25% raise.

May 24

Working with jQuery Accordions I ran into two issues that seemed to be simple but turned out to be a hassle since answers were all over the place from using Python to C++ to it can’t be done.

May 24

Then I thought, what’s it like not to be afraid? What’s it like to freely question authority?

Apr 10

How I got my GoDaddy hosted website to work with Wordpress plugin Contact Form 7 with email hosted on Google.

Dec 19

The album would be available for free but only to the first one million Samsung Galaxy phone users, via a Jay Z branded app.

Feb 13

Are the Grammys only as significant as the live performances, thus pushing the actual winners list to afterthought rather than purpose?

Jan 11

In 2000, approaching the height of the .com bubble, AOL bought Time Warner for $165 Billion dollars. Unfortunately, less than 3 years later AOL experienced its first decline in quarterly sales in its history.

Dec 24

Back in the record label hay day, the highest one-week album tally recorded during the Soundscan era was 900% higher at 45.4 million albums, in late December 2000.


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